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Rosalind Robb
30 King Street
DD10 9RR

01674 959435


About Rosalind Robb

I have been repairing cane, rush, seagrass and Danish cord chairs since 1992, having originally worked in an antique shop as an upholsterer.  I repair chairs both for individual clients and for antique businesses all over Scotland.  My daughter is keen to ensure the future of this service, and is now working with me in order to meet a growing demand.

We take care to ensure the eco-friendliness of what we do. We encourage our customers to restore and reuse their furniture, and use exclusively natural materials for every job.

Seagrass chair repairs start from £30, and rush and cane chair repairs from £45. I am always happy to quote either by phone 01674 959435 or by email You can assist me in this process by sending photos and accurate measurements of your chair.

Within reason, I am prepared to travel to pick up your chairs and redeliver them when they have been repaired. There will be a charge for this service, which should be negotiated in advance. If you wish to drop off and pick up your chairs yourself, the address is 30 King Street, Ferryden, Montrose DD10 9RR.

I also have a number of chairs for sale, please contact me for more details.

See photos below for recent examples of our work.

Rosalind Robb Chair in Progress 1

Rosalind Robb Chair in Progress 2

Rosalind Robb Chair Seats